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Regaining child custody

Losing custody of a child can be a very difficult experience. However, the loss of custody does not have to be permanent. Even though it is a very difficult process, many Texas parents may regain their custody rights.

The guiding principle for family court judges when considering custody rulings is what is in the best interests of the kids. Parents who have lost custody need to understand why the court deemed it better that their kids are in the custody of someone else. Violations of court orders or being accused of some form of child neglect or abuse may at issue. Parents will have to understand the reasons behind the custody decision if they are going to get a reversal.

It is important that noncustodial parents obtain legal representation, specifically an attorney with a background in winning custody cases. Close family and friends can be consulted for recommendations and referrals. Parents may also want to consider getting in contact with the local chapters of the Legal Aid Society or American Bar Association.

Having custody reinstated may depend on special actions. Parents might be required to undergo counseling, seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction or take part in parenting classes. Instead of arguing if the demands are valid, parents should opt to complete the demands. Compliance may allow the court to show them some favor.

A family law attorney could provide advice regarding what steps should be taken to regain custody. The attorney may advocate during child custody hearings and present arguments and evidence that demonstrate a client's ability to take care of their children.

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