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Custody battles can cost more than legal fees

Contested divorces where children are involved can trigger emotions and behavior in people that seem completely out of character. Perhaps that can be explained with an understanding of how feelings of love and trust have been shattered and replaced by those of betrayal and doubt. Whatever the status of the relationship between the spouses, continued animosity and attempts to punish the other can be self-destructive and traumatic for all of the parties concerned.

Relationship experts caution that even though a marriage ends and the spouses will form new relationships, the ex-spouses will remain forever bound as co-parents of their children. Legal experts warn that failure to abide by the established custody agreement can lead to a prolonged legal battle, which could be costly in many ways.

When courts establish final rulings in divorce proceedings, the best interest of the children is of paramount concern. Absent valid reasons, both parents should play a significant role in raising their children. When one parent sabotages or otherwise places burdens on the children's contact and visitation with the other, only bad things can happen. The parties could find themselves arguing in court, and if the actions have been sufficiently egregious, the judge may reverse and revise the custody orders. This is to say nothing of the most important issue, which is the negative impact this will have on the children.

There are always competing interests in a divorce involving child custody. However, the more the parents can reach an agreement, the better for all concerned. A divorce lawyer may explain the legal issues and offer guidance through this difficult and emotional time.

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