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Changing child custody orders

There are times when Texas parents may have to ask for the terms of their existing child custody orders to be changed. Going to court and requesting a child custody modification can be necessary for a number of reasons.

If the current child custody arrangement seems to be ideal for all of the parties involved, the court is not likely to alter the arrangement. The main concern of the court is always to rule in favor of what is in the children's best interests. As a result, the court will avoid disrupting the children's well-being and way of life for reasons that are not serious. The reasons parents provide to the court for wanting a child custody order modification will be heavily scrutinized.

One significant reason why the courts will consider changing a child custody order is if there is evidence that the children are presently in danger in the homes in which they are residing. The courts will examine if the danger is immediate, or if there is domestic violence in the home. Deliberation will also be given to whether the children have demonstrated that they no longer wish to remain in the parent's home in which there may be danger.

Parental relocation is another reason a child custody order modification may be considered by the courts. However, before changing the existing order, the courts will take into account the reasons the parent is relocating and whether the visitation schedule will be rendered impossible or impractical by the move.

A family law attorney may assist clients with obtaining modifications to existing child custody orders. A lawyer may work to demonstrate to the court that his or her client's reasons for wanting the changes to the order are valid. Litigation may be used to ensure that the legal custody rights of parents are protected.

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