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How to identify and overcome parental alienation

Parental alienation takes place when one parent tries to manipulate the children into believing that the other parent is a bad person. In some cases, Texas residents engage in this behavior because they have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Those who have this condition may act out because they are embarrassed or otherwise hurt by the fact that their marriages have come to an end.

A parent may win over a child with a charm offensive. For instance, a mother or father could decline to enforce rules or provide a child with gifts. In some cases, they might even pick one child as the favorite over the other children. Parents who feel as if they are a victim of alienation should not try to engage in a battle with the other parent. They should also not attempt to convince the child that he or she is being manipulated.

Instead, a parent should simply express how much love they have for their son or daughter. He or she should also stress that what is being said by the other parent is not true. Over time, a child will likely realize that a parent is acting in a manipulative manner.

After a divorce, the best interests of the children should be the top priority. This means not putting them in the middle of disputes between adults or taking steps to make a parent look bad. If a former couple is engaged in a conflict, it may be a good idea to speak with a mediator or therapist. An attorney may be able to help a parent reach a resolution that's in everyone's best interests.

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