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Working together to create a parenting schedule during a divorce

When Texas couples decide to get a divorce or decide to split up, they will have to determine how they will deal with child custody. If parents agree to share custody, they will need a schedule that determines when each parent has custody of the children. Because each family is different and has different needs, there are no one-fits-all parenting schedules.

When creating a parenting schedule, parents should consider their children. Traveling back and forth between two households can be particularly time-consuming and difficult, especially when they have homework and want to spend time with friends. Furthermore, parents should consider the logistics of different potential schedules. Carting kids back and forth every few days can be disrupting and potentially not doable if both parents are trying to work around their own schedules. Alternating weeks or longer strings of days may be more feasible for older kids while switching every few days may be more appropriate for younger kids.

Regardless of what type of parenting schedule parents may be considering, they must remember that the focus should always remain on the children. The schedule is not just for the parents' convenience or about getting back at the former partner.

Although some parents are able to keep the focus on the kids and create a parenting plan that works for everyone, there are others who simply cannot. In these cases, parents might wish to let the court decide on a parenting schedule. A family law attorney may represent the parent in court during a custody dispute to convey specific needs or requests. If that parent is seeking full physical and legal custody, the attorney may also be able to provide evidence demonstrating that the other parent cannot provide proper care for the children.

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