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Actor challenges higher child support payments

The drama that people in Texas view on the television show "Grey's Anatomy" bleeds into real life for the actor Jesse Williams. Media reports about his most recent court filings indicate that he intends to challenge his monthly child support payment order of $50,629. His legal petition comes less than a month after a court increased his obligation from $33,242 a month. His legal filings claim that an "error in law" resulted in the increase.

Williams bases his argument on claims that his ex-wife inflates expenses related to the needs of their two children and also pads the amount with her personal expenses. He also wants child support payments to go through a third party so that he is not sending money directly to his ex-wife. He insists that he can fulfill parental obligations by directly paying for school tuition, uninsured medical expenses and miscellaneous bills.

The previous court case that raised his child support payments based the decision on his income that allegedly exceeds $521,000 a month. The custody agreement grants Williams joint physical custody. His children live with him on weekends, two days a week and on Father's Day.

A court takes into account parental income and every day expenses related to raising children when calculating child support amounts. A person who needs to increase or decrease the amount could ask an attorney for assistance. An attorney could organize financial records and manage negotiations with the other parent in hopes of reaching a private agreement. If parents cannot come to terms, then an attorney could litigate the case and advocate for the client's financial needs before a judge.

Source: MEAWW, "Jesse Williams heads back to court to reduce $50,000 child support that he was ordered to pay", Bamana Sarkar, July 7, 2018

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