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Tips to gaining leverage in a divorce case

Those who are contemplating a divorce will need to protect their financial interests as the marriage ends. Texas residents can do this by learning as much as possible about their household finances. This will make it easier to negotiate a fair settlement with a spouse. If necessary, be prepared to take possession of any valuables that may be broken or otherwise damaged by a vindictive spouse. However, it is important to note that the other spouse could still be entitled to half of an item's appraised value.

During the separation process, joint credit accounts should either be paid off or put into one person's name. If only one spouse worked during the duration of the marriage, he or she could be convinced to pay off a majority of those balances.

Obtaining a copy of each spouse's credit report is also important. This could help shed light on hidden accounts or other information a spouse was withholding. For example, one spouse may have been involved with questionable or shady investment deals. Getting a post office box can help to protect an individual from having important mail intercepted by a nosy or abusive spouse. Opening a personal bank account can also be a wise decision.

In a divorce, a person's emotions may complicate the task of coming to a timely settlement. Questions about what is marital property versus separate property could also make a settlement harder to achieve. However, an attorney could help an individual gather relevant information or take other steps to obtain a favorable outcome for a client. In some cases, this might mean going to court and getting a judge's ruling.

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