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Residency decisions are key to the divorce process

One of the first issues that Texas couples going through a marital split must face involves where to live during and after the divorce. Unfortunately, the timing usually coincides with the most emotionally turbulent period of marital dissolution. Judgment can be impaired by emotions and other distractions accompanying such a major life change. Divorcees must weigh logistical, emotional, and financial implications in order to make the best arrangements for themselves and their children.

While staying in the marital home is often desired, this can be complicated. The appeal is understandable as familiar surroundings can provide comfort and stability to children in the midst of great change. If the home is a focus of litigation, a judge could have to make the determination. The ability to qualify for mortgage assumption must be factored in to any efforts aimed at getting possession of the marital residence.

For others, the desire for a fresh start leads them to a new home. It is prudent to weigh home purchases carefully because impulsive decisions in the wake of divorce can lead to buyer's remorse. Parents must remember to consider the implications for children who may lose playmates, have to change schools or switch sports leagues after a move.

Renting is often a wise choice for one or both parties to a divorce. Sometimes, finances are tied up because of the divorce and renting is the only option. A reasonable cooling off period that mirrors a property lease can provide needed clarity and distance from the end of a marriage.

Residency decisions are just one of many issues that must be considered during a divorce. An experienced family law attorney can provide an overview of the process and help anyone considering divorce make an informed decision.

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