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Emotions trouble young divorcees more than financial hurdles

Although divorce at any age presents people in Texas with difficult feelings, younger divorcees report less social support from their peers when their marriages end. With the age of first marriage rising, people who divorce in their 20s typically do not have any friends who have been through the experience. Most of their friends have not been married yet, and young divorcees feel uncomfortable discussing their divorces so soon after celebrating their weddings. Despite the emotional difficulties, young people typically avoid the complexities of property division that stress so many of their older counterparts facing divorce.

A divorce attorney familiar with divorces among Millennials said that their financial separations tend to be easy. The splitting spouses usually have similar income levels, and they may not have invested in real estate or businesses yet. Children might not be present to complicate the equation either.

The reasons that young people divorce typically arise from the recognition of their incompatibilities within two to five years. Some people disagree about having children, or career-driven individuals may not meet the relationship needs of spouses.

A person pursuing a divorce will need to understand the legal process of dissolving the union. If the marriage included substantial assets, like businesses, investment accounts or high incomes, then a person might want to consult an attorney familiar with high-asset divorce. Information about the calculation of spousal support or rights to retirement accounts may be provided by an attorney. An attorney might also give advice about how to value a business or interpret the terms of a prenuptial agreement. With legal representation, a person may gain reasonable results from negotiations and be able to avoid the intervention of a court. If the former spouses cannot come to terms, an attorney might petition a court to recognize the person's financial rights.

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