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Tips on selling a house after divorce

Some couples in Texas who get a divorce will have a home they need to sell. This can be an emotionally difficult experience, but there are things couples can do to smooth the process. They should begin by discussing their goals with the agent, but following this initial meeting, one spouse should be chosen to be the main contact person for the agent to avoid confusion. Spouses should also leave the agent out of any personal conflict.

The couple should agree on what items will be repaired and which ones will be left "as is". They should agree on how any repairs or upgrades will be paid for. Often it is worthwhile to make small fixes such as polishing floor and fixing scuffed walls. Couples might also want to consider expenses such as a weekly cleaner while the house is on the market. One person should be in charge of taking pets out of the house or otherwise keeping them out of the way during showings.

Above all, people should keep in mind that they share the goal of selling the house with the agent. This means that listening to the agent's advice may be beneficial.

Since Texas is a community property state, homes along with other assets acquired since the marriage are generally considered shared marital property and must be divided. Selling a home is not the only option in a divorce. One person might also buy out the other. However, often, neither person can afford to do this or to refinance and maintain the home on a single income, so selling may be the best option. There may be complexities with other aspects of property division as well. For example, dividing some types of retirement accounts may require the use of a document known as a qualified domestic relations order to avoid taxes and penalties.

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