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I travel for work; how will that affect child custody?

Numerous Texas residents have to travel for work. It is the nature of the beast these days, in certain fields of employment. If you find yourself traveling a lot for work and are in the midst of divorce proceedings, you may have concerns about how your work schedule will affect your child custody agreement.

You are a good parent. You do the best you can when you are home. The court will take that into consideration when issuing a child custody order. However, your travel time could affect how much time ultimately granted to you with your kids. Here is how child custody works in Texas.

Child custody basics

There are two types of physical custody granted to parents in Texas -- either sole or joint. If sole custody goes to one parent, children will live with that individual while sharing visitation time with the other parent. If joint custody goes to both parents, the children will split their time living with both parents. The court does not necessarily split this time perfectly down the middle, but it will try to give equal parenting time to all parties when possible.

Your work load and your custody time

Your workload and availability can be something the court takes into consideration when putting together a custody plan. If you cannot be home, you cannot be home -- it is what it is. This may mean that joint custody is not an option for you right now. It does not mean it may never be an option. If you can alter your schedule so that you can be home enough to split custody, the court will consider it.

Nothing is permanent

There is nothing that says a child custody order is a permanent thing. Changes in circumstances occur, making it necessary to alter orders sometimes. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what is best for the needs of the children.

Traveling for work in order to provide for your family should not provoke a punishment when it comes to how child custody will work out in the end. If you feel that this will be an issue, it is something you can address with your family law attorney. With assistance, you will have every opportunity to fight for a parenting plan that works with the demands of your job and that you feel is best for you and your children.

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