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"Gotham" star settles long-running custody battle

Divorcing parents in Texas may find that their most important concerns at the end of the marriage are their parenting arrangements, including possession of and access to their children. Celebrities deal with child custody disputes as well that reflect the same issues and concerns.

"Gotham" star Morena Baccarin has settled her child custody dispute with her ex-husband, Austin Chick. Baccarin, 31, will pay $5,000 monthly in spousal support until the end of 2018 as well as $3,500 monthly in child support for the couple's 4-year-old son until his 18th birthday. The couple's custody battle has been ongoing. Chick filed for divorce in June 2015 after three and a half years of marriage.

Baccarin and Chick share equal physical and legal custody of their son, who lives in New York, where both parents live and work. Chick relocated to New York as part of the settlement of the custody agreement, and he will retain the New York home of the couple during their marriage. Baccarin, on the other hand, will retain their vehicle as well as their homes in Brazil and Los Angeles. The settlement also included financial compensation agreements relating to Baccarin's residual income from a number of her projects.

The settlement reflects a final agreement after years of interim judgments that included Baccarin having primary physical custody of their son while paying almost four times the current amount in spousal support.

Texas parents dealing with the end of a marriage may want to avoid a lengthy battle over possession and access and move forward toward healthy co-parenting. A family law attorney can help a parent to advocate in court for the best interests of the child if the couple is unable to negotiate an agreement.

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