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Creating a co-parenting plan

Texas parents who go their separate ways have to work past any antagonism between them to make a parenting plan that prioritizes their children. Having the right parenting plan that addresses the children's needs is essential in helping the children adjust to life after the divorce. There are some steps parents can take to develop a co-parenting relationship that is effective and that will last a long time.

Collaborative attorneys may be a good choice for parents who want to avoid taking themselves and their children through an expensive and combative divorce process. Attorneys who have this type of experience may help their clients avoid excessive legal expenses, find a way to work together with a spouse and achieve settlement terms that please both parties.

A parenting agreement should be created with input from both parents and with the assistance of their respective attorneys. The objective is for both sides to support the parenting of the side, unless that parent is endangering the children. Both parents should also agree to provide full disclosure regarding the children. There should be a policy that requires both parents to inform the other about all important issues that are affecting the children. This information can be relayed in person or by text or email. Disagreements are unavoidable, but deciding beforehand how future conflicts will be addressed can help minimize any potential fallout. Both parents should consider whether mediation should be included in the plan created to help resolve disputes.

Parenting issues can be the most contentious and emotional parts of a Texas divorce. In many cases, however, the parties' respective family law attorneys can take the lead in negotiating an appropriate agreement that is in the best interests of the children.

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