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January 2018 Archives

Life after 50: For some, it includes divorce

If you're part of the baby boomer generation, you may recall a popular song from long ago entitled, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by rhythm and blues icon, Paul Simon. In fact, if you were to survey everyone in Texas who has navigated the divorce process, you may find there are also 50 (or more) reasons people tend to end their marriages. The number 50 is also key when talking about gray divorce, which is a rising trend where people age 50 or older end their marriages in court.

Creating a co-parenting plan

Texas parents who go their separate ways have to work past any antagonism between them to make a parenting plan that prioritizes their children. Having the right parenting plan that addresses the children's needs is essential in helping the children adjust to life after the divorce. There are some steps parents can take to develop a co-parenting relationship that is effective and that will last a long time.

Financial matters critical in divorce planning

For Texas couples whose marriages are ending, financial planning may be a critical issue. In cases where children are not involved, finances are often the most important factor. Divorce is about beginning anew, severing ties. When it comes to untangling the marital financial situation, each party should address funding the divorce and life thereafter. Awareness of a few financial planning strategies can help people handle the process.

I travel for work; how will that affect child custody?

Numerous Texas residents have to travel for work. It is the nature of the beast these days, in certain fields of employment. If you find yourself traveling a lot for work and are in the midst of divorce proceedings, you may have concerns about how your work schedule will affect your child custody agreement.

Why people should avoid keeping the marital home

Texas residents may feel like the best option is to keep a marital home after a marriage ends. However, this may not be the best choice from a financial perspective. For many, it may be difficult to pay a mortgage, property taxes and other expenses related to a home on a single income. Those who manage to pay those bills may not have anything left over to save or for emergencies.

"Gotham" star settles long-running custody battle

Divorcing parents in Texas may find that their most important concerns at the end of the marriage are their parenting arrangements, including possession of and access to their children. Celebrities deal with child custody disputes as well that reflect the same issues and concerns.

Shared parenting on the rise, but some oppose it

Texas parents who are divorcing and who must negotiate a child custody agreement might want to consider shared parenting as an option. This is increasingly popular as fathers' rights groups are supporting its expansion and many states are considering legislation that would make it the default custody arrangement.

Tips on selling a house after divorce

Some couples in Texas who get a divorce will have a home they need to sell. This can be an emotionally difficult experience, but there are things couples can do to smooth the process. They should begin by discussing their goals with the agent, but following this initial meeting, one spouse should be chosen to be the main contact person for the agent to avoid confusion. Spouses should also leave the agent out of any personal conflict.

Divorce can impact credit rating

Texas couples most likely know that divorce can lead to a heavy emotional and financial burden. For example, finances may be strained as exes adjust to living with only one income in the household. Considering how much income and property ownership can change, it's not surprising that divorce will even affect credit ratings.

Creating your co-parenting relationship in a parenting plan

Ending your marriage thrust you into a situation in which your future is uncertain. You may feel that no matter what efforts you make during the divorce process, you doubt things will work out. You may wonder how you will continue to raise your children in light of the fact that your marital relationship is gone.

Blake Griffin files paternity paperwork after split with fiancee

People in Texas who follow the careers of Kendall Jenner or basketball player Blake Griffin might know the two are in a relationship. Prior to his involvement with Jenner, Griffin was living with his fiancee Brynn Cameron. The two split up in July, but Cameron only moved out of their home after Griffin and Jenner's relationship became public.