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Concealing assets before filing for divorce

Family law judges in community property states like Texas will generally divide marital assets equally in divorce cases even if the couples involved have only been married for a short time. This sometimes seems unreasonable or unfair, and it is not uncommon for spouses in these states to begin moving or hiding assets prior to filing for divorce. Spouses may be wise to prepare themselves for the possibility of divorce papers when their husbands or wives start to behave elusively or covertly, but there are steps that they can take to protect themselves and avoid drawn out legal battles.

Keeping accurate records is a prudent first step in these situations as judges tend to have little patience for spouses who have negotiated in bad faith or sought to place their husbands or wives at a disadvantage. This kind of behavior is particularly common in high asset divorce cases, but even couples with more modest marital assets may be wise to prepare themselves for contentious litigation when one spouse is preparing a soft landing before divorce proceedings have even begun.

Taking action rather than ignoring the problem may also be wise. Spouses sometimes show willful blindness in these situations because they wish to avoid unpleasant conversations or hope that matters will resolve themselves. Clandestine activities and asset concealment are signs that spouses may have already made their minds up, and a more vigorous response could be warranted and time may be of the essence.

Experienced family law attorneys may act quickly when evidence suggests that spouses have been secretly preparing for divorce for some time. Assets that have been hidden can be difficult to track down, and this is especially true when financial affairs are complex. In high asset divorce cases, attorneys may call upon experts such as forensic accountants and investment specialists to comb through financial records and identify suspicious transactions that could indicate assets are being concealed.

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