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Sole custody prevents moms from entering workforce

Texas parents who are considering a divorce may be interested to learn that, in about 80 percent of child custody cases, custody of the children is still awarded to the mother. While mothers may be happy about this at first, it can potentially keep mothers trapped in the homemaker role and prevent them from finding a place in the workforce.

Part of the problem with this system is that it keeps mothers dependent on child support that is paid by the father. Mothers who cannot work may not have a backup plan if the father suddenly stops making child support payments or loses his job. This situation also often does not benefit the fathers as the time they get with their children is limited.

One solution is shared parenting, which involves a flexible custody arrangement that allows the children to spend roughly equal amounts of time with both parents. This arrangement allows mothers to get back into the workforce and pursue a career and gives fathers an opportunity to have a role in raising their children. Not only is shared parenting beneficial for the parents, but research has shown that children who have adequate relationships with both parents are generally better adjusted and often perform better in school than those who do not.

Going through a custody dispute can be difficult for any parent, especially if the divorce was not amicable. However, unless the other parent is harmful to the children, shared parenting can be extremely beneficial for everyone involved. Although getting to the point of being able to negotiate a parenting schedule can take time, a family law attorney could assist by directly negotiating with the other party.

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