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Using nesting as a shared parenting arrangement

Texas parents who decide to get divorced may need to contend with child custody issues. Traditionally, courts have given mothers primary physical custody of their children while fathers are granted weekend visitation. Courts have since moved on to favor shared parenting arrangements in which the children move between the parents' houses and spend nearly equal amounts of time with both.

However, some couples who are divorcing are choosing a new type of shared parenting called nesting. In this arrangement, the parents rotate in the home while the children stay. For example, an ex-wife may spend one week in the marital home, alternating with the ex-husband. Couples who choose this type of arrangement often have a small apartment or house that they also alternate staying in when it is not their week with the children.

Parents who choose to try nesting do so in order to minimize the amount of disruption that their divorce might otherwise cause to their children's lives. This type of custody arrangement will likely only work for parents who are able to get along well in the best interests of their children.

Because nesting may lead to disagreements about such things as grocery shopping and housekeeping, parents who want to try it will need to agree to certain rules for their shared homes. Nesting will likely not be a good choice for divorcing spouses who are unable to get along with each other. A parent who wants to divorce might benefit by consulting with a family law attorney. Lawyers may assess their clients' family situations and discuss alternatives that might work. They may then try to negotiate agreements with their clients' spouses so that everyone can move on with their lives.

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