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Star of "Vanderpump Rules" must pay $50,000 to ex-husband

Texas fans of the show "Vanderpump Rules" might be aware that one of its stars, Scheana Shay, has been going through a divorce. Scheana filed for divorce in California in November 2016. The date of separation was listed as Nov. 9.

The two were together for about 15 years. A statement released by the two described their split as "amicable" and speculation about it as "misguided."

As part of the agreement regarding property division, Scheana is keeping a 2016 Ford Explorer worth $49,000 and a 2009 Nissan worth $19,000. She is also keeping a retirement account with $31,000 in it and a bank account with $1,000 in it. Her ex-husband is getting a 2005 GMC Sierra. To make up the difference in assets, Scheana has also been ordered by a court to pay her ex-husband an additional $50,000.

Like California, Texas is a community property state. This means that the first step in deciding property division during a divorce is identifying marital assets. In general, this means any assets acquired after the marriage although there may be exceptions, such as inheritances that a person did not commingle with joint assets. Although these marital assets are supposed to be divided equally, this is not always the case. Debts are generally also divided between the two in a community property state. An exception is if the couple has a prenuptial agreement. A couple in a high-asset divorce might have one, or they might have a particularly complex set of assets. For example, they may have businesses, real estate, investments and valuable collections that they must divide. In many cases, their respective attorneys can assist in negotiating a settlement agreement that takes the decision out of the hands of a judge.

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