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When parents agree to end child support payments

Some Texas parents who are divorced may find that they no longer want or need to receive child support payments. This could be for several reasons including that the parents have gotten back together. If this happens, the parents may need to go to court to explain the situation and why the support is no longer needed.

Another reason might be because one parent is making a lot of money or comes into money, such as through an inheritance, and wants to remove the burden of child support from the other parent. Courts generally take the position that parents are obligated to support their children and that it is in the child's best interests to continue receiving child support. Therefore, a parent who no longer wants to receive support must be prepared to go into court and argue their case.

Sometimes, a parent might not want to receive child support because the other parent is struggling financially. That parent may have lost their job or have other problems. In this case, the parent can apply for a modification of support, and the court may agree to grant it.

The important thing to keep in mind regarding child support is that if parents have a legally binding agreement, a parent cannot simply stop paying. Whatever the reason for stopping support, the parent will continue to owe arrears, and possibly interest, until a court agrees to stop the payments. A parent who is struggling to collect support may be able to go through a local, state or federal child support enforcement program. These programs have the ability to pursue a parent through a variety of means and may be able to garnish a parent's wages or other sources of income.

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