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Putting the kids first during a divorce

Going through the divorce process can be very difficult for many Texas families. If the divorce is contested and the parties are not able to work out agreements in an amicable way, the children can be negatively impacted.

When a divorce turns messy, it is imperative that both parents put the children's needs before their own. This will mean learning how to deal with disagreements in a constructive way. For example, parents should hash out personal issues when the children are not present. Furthermore, both parents should avoid venting to the children, talking negatively about the ex or using the children as messengers.

A workable parenting plan can help keep both households stable for the children. The plan will provide a written agreement that gives parents a guideline. By setting up a visitation schedule and other specific plans, everyone involved will know what to expect. If the plan is in writing, parents may be less likely to fight or argue over who gets the children when and how to resolve potential disagreements. Parents should expect to change the plan as the children grow up or as their needs evolve.

If a parent is going through a child custody dispute and it appears that the other parent does not want to come to an amicable agreement, the situation can become stressful for everyone involved. A family law attorney may work with the parent to create a parenting plan that can help create a stable schedule and home life for the children. If there is evidence that the other parent cannot provide proper care, the attorney may help the client seek sole custody.

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