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About child custody exchanges

One of the most contentious issues of a divorce can be child custody. Sometimes problems arise when the children are transferred into the care of another parent as part of a visitation arrangement. Texas parents who have children and are divorced should be aware the child custody exchanges can induce high emotions in all parties and should make every effort to ensure that they occur according to the terms that were agreed upon.

Visitation rights are based on the general idea that both parents should spend time with their children in spite of any issues that exist between the parents. The exchanges generally take place at a certain locale, time and manner that is specified in the child custody order or as otherwise agreed upon. When disagreements occur, such as those related to child support, education or child rearing methods, parents can become emotional, especially those who may have a grudge against the other. This can make the child custody exchange environment uncomfortable, hostile and even emotionally and physically harmful, unfortunately.

There are cases in which child custody exchanges can result in fatalities, such as when a Texas man was shot and killed by the his ex-wife's boyfriend during an exchange. There was also a man in Colorado who placed a knife in his daughter's backpack to frame the mother, but ended up facing reckless endangerment and child abuse charges. As these cases show, the very high emotions that occur during the exchanges can result in legal complications and may even require the presence of law enforcement.

Courts issue or approve custody and visitation orders based upon the best interests of the child. When it appears that, due to emotions on the part of one parent, the arrangement isn't working, an attorney for the other parent might deem it advisable to file a motion seeking a modification of the order.

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