NFL Player Pays Child Support to 7 Moms

Football fans in Texas might be interested to learn about New York Jets player Antonio Cromartie's child support issues. A report by the New York Post has revealed how the NFL player racked up a $500,000 back child support debt. According to the report, Cromartie is the father of 10 children and has twins on the way.

The New York Jets provided Cromartie with a $500,000 advance in 2010 so that he would be able to pay off some back child support. Cromartie was ordered to make child support payments totaling $336,000 per year for eight children he has with seven different women. The payments work out to $3,500 a month for each child.

While Cromartie is making child support payments, he is also responsible for the two children that he has with his current wife who he married in 2010. Cromartie's wife is also pregnant with twins. The latest pregnancy came as a surprise to Cromartie and his wife, as Cromartie had already undergone a vasectomy. Last offseason, Cromartie signed a $32 million contract with the Jets for four seasons.

A person who is obligated to make child support payments for multiple children could end up falling behind on payments due to lack of income. Failure to pay child support on time could then result in penalties that might make it harder for the parent to see their children. An attorney may be able to help a person in this situation to petition for an order modification that takes the parents' current income and expenses into account.

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