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Sherri Shepherd asked to pay more child support

Texas residents may have heard about the legal disputes surrounding television personality Sherri Shepherd's 2-year-old son. When Shepherd was married to her ex-husband Lamar Sally, the couple hired a surrogate to conceive a child with Sally's sperm and a donated egg. The surrogate was pregnant when Shepherd and Sally separated, and Shepherd had tried to get her name removed from the child's birth certificate.

Unless Shepherd is successful in her appeal of an April 2015 ruling, she is considered the legal mother of Sally's child. She has been ordered to pay child support for the boy, and now Sally wants Shepherd to pay more. According to Sally, Shepherd earns about $3 million annually, or more than $1.8 million more than she earned when the original child support order was calculated.

Sally asked the court to recalculate the child support order based on Shepherd's most current income. He is also asking the court to order Shepherd to pay his legal expenses which amount to about $75,000. Sally is currently employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District as a substitute teacher, and he earns between $140 and $186 a day. Sally and Shepherd's son reportedly has a genetic disorder that requires frequent medical attention and a strict diet.

The initial child support order that is calculated right after a couple divorces may need to be modified due to changes in circumstances. Whether the paying parent or the recipient parent starts earning more money, a judge may recalculate the child support order. A child support order may also be modified due to changes in the financial needs of the child.

Source: E Online, "Sherri Shepherd's Ex-Husband Lamar Sally Demanding More Child Support for Their 2-Year-Old Son," McKenna Aiello, Dec. 12, 2016

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