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Pitt and Jolie likely had prenup

Texas residents who are following the divorce of actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have heard that it is likely that they signed a prenuptial agreement. If they did not, their property will be divided under California community property law. The couple married in 2014 after a decade together. Since they first met, they have earned about $555 million, and $117.5 million of that is since the two married. However, their prenup may state that any earnings belong to the individual who earned them instead of being considered joint marital property.

Before they got married, the two bought properties in the United States and abroad, but those will not be considered marital property. A more likely sticking point is the question of child custody. Jolie has filed for sole physical custody of the couple's children, but Pitt may challenge this. If she does get sole custody, then Pitt will be required to pay child support. If the children do not spend more than half their time with either parent, neither will owe child support to the other.

Some observers speculate that the two will want the divorce over with quickly. However, it still might be months before the divorce is finalized.

Like California, Texas is a community property state. In a high-asset divorce, particularly if no prenuptial agreement is in place, a great deal could be at stake. One of the more serious situations may occur if one spouse owns a business. The other spouse might be able to claim a portion of that business. There may be complex investments, and the couple might need to sell some assets and split the proceeds. Overall, they may be happier with a division of property that they negotiate rather than going to court and having a judge make the decisions.

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