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Judge denies child custody requests by Chris Brown's ex

Texas fans of singer Chris Brown may have read about the custody dispute that he has been having with the mother of his daughter Royalty. On Aug. 12, a judge ruled against Brown's ex, Nia Guzman, in her petition for full child custody. Guzman had also requested that Brown's mother be denied visitation and Brown only be allowed monitored visitation. Guzman also asked the judge to require Brown to take a drug test.

Not only did the judge deny all of Guzman's requests, the judge also ordered Guzman to reimburse Brown for the attorney fees that he had paid for Guzman's attorney. The existing joint custody arrangements that Brown and Guzman have and the child support payments that Brown pays to Guzman will stay the same.

The current custody arrangement between Brown and Guzman allows Brown to have 12 days of visitation with his daughter each month. Brown's visitation is unmonitored, despite Guzman's claims that Brown is not fit to care for Royalty by himself. Brown currently pays Guzman $2,500 per month for child support, and Guzman's petition for $16,000 per month in child support was denied. Reports indicate that Brown pays for many of Royalty's monthly expenses apart from child support.

There are many cases where modifying a child custody or child support arrangement is appropriate, and a judge may approve a modification if it is in a child's best interest. A parent who would like to petition for more visitation time with their child or sole custody of their child may want to have representation from an attorney.

Source: The Source, "Nia Guzman's Custody Case Against Chris Brown Backfires," Tanaja Hill, Aug. 14, 2016

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