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July 2016 Archives

New mortage type may help Texas residents keep their homes

From 1990 to 2014, the number of people 50 years of age and older seeking a divorce doubled, according to a study done by Bowling Green University. This goes against the general trend that has seen divorce rates either stay where they are or go down. However, the fact that so many older people are getting divorced has led to discussions about a new type of mortgage product.

Co-parenting issues after a divorce

Raising a child is difficult enough when you are married. After divorce, co-parenting with your former spouse or partner adds extra challenges. Be aware of common co-parenting issues that arise after divorce to avoid co-parenting conflicts.

Giving custody to the primary caretaker

Some Texas couples going through divorce struggle to make good decisions during the separation process. For families with children, deciding on custody issues can be quite a challenge. Ideally, the divorcing couple will set aside their differences and work together to develop a parenting plan that works best for the children.

Social Security benefits after 10 years of marriage

Texas couples who are divorcing might not realize that they may still be able to draw on their ex-spouse's Social Security benefits. However, the marriage has to have lasted for at least 10 years. Those who are on the verge of divorce might want to consider waiting until after the 10-year mark if they are near it and are amicable enough to negotiate such an arrangement. It could mean significantly more financial security for one of them in the future.

One Direction singer in custody battle

One Direction fans in Texas may have heard that singer Louis Tomlinson is fighting with the mother of Freddie Reign, his 5-month-old son, about custody. He and the child's mother, Briana Jungwirth, had originally put a temporary agreement in place that addressed regular visitation although there were no overnights included. The stipulation was that they would go to court if the terms of the temporary agreement did not work out.

Dividing real estate in Texas divorce cases

While a divorce may formally end a marriage, it doesn't absolve an individual's liability when it comes to joint debts such as a mortgage. The only way for people to untangle themselves from a mortgage is to remove themselves from the loan. This can only happen if the loan is refinanced or the house is sold and the mortgage paid in full.

What to do when the other parent threatens to take the kids away

Unfortunately, children are often used as pawns when relationships head south. All too often, one parent threatens to keep the children away from the other parent because he or she is angry or upset. If you are going through this situation, you are probably afraid and want to know your rights.