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June 2016 Archives

Retirement plans should consider divorce possibility

Texas couples may want to try to fund their retirement plans equally as a way of ensuring more financial equality. Doing so may also protect both of them in case of a divorce. One way of approaching this is for each to adjust the percentage they are depositing into the account to make the amounts equal. However, it is also necessary to consider the likelihood that the retirement accounts will not perform equally well and make adjustments accordingly.

Mother stopped at airport faces child abduction charge

Child custody battles in Texas can become very complicated when one of the parents is a foreign national or one of the parents moves overseas. In November 2015, a Vietnamese woman tried to fly out of John F. Kennedy airport with her 9-year-old daughter even though the child's father is supposed to have custody. U.S. marshals stopped the mother and daughter from using their one-way tickets, and a federal judge has now ordered the mother extradited to France.

Managing money after a divorce

A divorce can have many financial ramifications for a Texas resident after it occurs. After the marriage has ended, it may be worthwhile to talk to an insurance broker to update the list of assets that should be covered. The last thing people may want to do is pay to insure assets that they no longer own.

Lessons from the Depp-Heard split

The end of the marriage between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is making news around the globe, and their breakup highlights some things that anyone might go through when dissolving a marriage. Texas couples whose relationships are on the rocks might gain some information from this highly-publicized split.

Prenup overruled by Ninth Circuit court

Texas couples considering divorce may be interested in learning about the recent fate of the prenuptial agreement between a millionaire real estate agent and the immigrant wife he was sponsoring. In March 2011, the couple separated, and the two were divorced in 2012. However, the Ninth Circuit court said that the man must continue to provide support to his wife based on the I-864 Affidavit of Support that both parties agreed to.

Do I need a divorce lawyer if I get along with my spouse?

This is a question that our firm gets a lot, which is a good thing. Divorce is easier on everyone involved when the parties can work together and respect each other. However, it's still important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer in order to protect your rights and future.

Wiz Khalifa settles divorce case with Amber Rose

Texas residents who are fans of hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa may be interested in learning that the star and his ex-wife, the actress, model and fashion designer Amber Rose, reached a divorce settlement agreement. Sources indicate that the star's split from his wife, Amber Rose, appears to be an amicable one.

Does domestic abuse affect a family law case?

This month, actor Johnny Depp was accused of abuse by his estranged wife, Amber Heard. Heard was successful in obtaining a temporary restraining order against Depp on May 27 after testifying that Depp struck her in the face with her cellphone during a fight six days before.