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Visitation issues that sometimes arise

There are several common visitation problems that frequently arise in child custody matters. While many parents in Texas are able to work out their own child custody and visitation agreements, sometimes problems happen anyway, necessitating court intervention.

A very common issue can happen when the parents simply don't get along with each other. Some relationships end badly, and when the custodial parent feels very bitter towards the parent who has visitation rights, they may then sabotage any opportunity for them to share time or to reach an agreement. In this type of situation, filing a motion with the court for child custody and visitation orders may be a good idea.

Another frequently occurring problem is when one parent intrudes on the visitation rights of the other parent. This may include failing to show up to exchange the children at the appointed place and time. The parent whose rights were intruded upon may file motions for contempt in order to prevent this issue from continuing to occur. A court may fine the parent or order make-up time for the visitation that was missed. Finally, a serious problem that happens in some cases is something called parental alienation. This is when one parent works to turn the children against the other one. Because of its seriousness, parental alienation will often only be resolved with court action.

In most cases, one parent will be the residential custodian while the other will have visitation rights. When those visitation rights are violated, the person may want to get help from a family law attorney. An attorney may be able to help with drafting the needed motions and filing them with the court. He or she may then litigate the issue through court in order to resolve the client's problem and secure their rights.

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