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Avoiding custody disputes over summer vacations

Divorced Texas couples who have the most organized parenting plans might find that they still can run into disputes when summer vacation comes around. Since children's schedules and activities changes during the summer, parenting plans might be affected in both time spent with each parent and in child support arrangements. One way to avoid these types of disputes is to include a provision regarding summer vacation time.

While planning for summer vacations with infants might be straightforward, planning for older children might be complicated, since they will have different schedules and interests, and the number of activities and social functions might increase. Visitation rights must still be honored, so as not to affect the children's well-being, even if parents end up in a dispute over parenting time.

If parents are planning on taking a vacation with their children during the summer, they should give the other parent advance notice. The timing of the notice can be included in the plan. If the parents anticipate the kind of changes necessary during summer vacation, the transition will also be easier for the children, and the parenting time will remain balanced, even as schedules change.

Through a comprehensive parenting plan negotiated with the assistance of their respective family law attorneys, parents can show that they can work together, keeping the best interest of their children as a priority. To remind themselves of the changes during the summer, parents can benefit from using traditional calendars or even visitation apps, making the whole process smoother and avoiding any possible misunderstandings that can arise.

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