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March 2016 Archives

Waiting too long to divorce

Texas parents who are thinking of ending their marriages will often have a lot of issues to discuss beforehand. Detailed divorce plans are helpful for ensuring a satisfactory outcome, but sometimes prolonging the process too much can have an adverse effect on children.

Divorcing couples may want to change their tax habits

Texas couples who file their federal income tax returns jointly do so for many reasons, but separate filings could be beneficial to those who are in the middle of a divorce. Couples who have separated may have already split their finances or property assets, for instance, and in such cases, it might simply be easier for each individual to file on their own.

How Are Temporary Orders Used in a Texas Divorce?

If you're considering divorce, then you probably know that the divorce decree is the legal ruling that makes the end of the marriage official. But divorce is also a process, and the decisions you make while your divorce case is pending will affect your post-divorce situation.

Parenting plans and divorce

When Texans who have young children divorce, they will need to complete and file legal agreements, financial documents and parenting plans. Disentangling the relationship financially and legally is often difficult, but dividing the parental responsibilities and custody may be the hardest of all. Parenting plans are arguably the most important documents divorcing parents will need to complete, though.

Divorces involving a business in Texas

Divorce is already difficult enough when a couple has to separate and two families have to split. If there is a business involved, a couple will have to decide whether to keep it going as it is. While some people have no problem continuing to run a family business after a divorce, some splits are so contentious that this is not possible.

Sherri Shepherd's family law battles

Texas television fans may have heard about the rather unique situation involving actress and past co-host of "The View" Sherri Shepherd and her former husband Lamar Sally. Shepherd wanted to void a contract making her the mother of a child created through surrogacy with Sally's sperm and a donor egg when their relationship ended. Shepherd lost her latest appeal on March 1 when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court refused to overturn a lower court's decision that she was the child's legal mother and that she must continue making child support payments.

Pundit loses in child custody case

Texas Fox News fans may be interested to know that Bill O'Reilly has lost custody of his 13-year-old and 17-year-old children. A New York appellate court on Feb. 24 upheld an earlier ruling that the children did not want to live with him and that they would live exclusively with their mother. In 2015, the Nassau County Supreme Court had decided that the children would be in the residential custody of their mother on a full-time basis.

Making smart financial choices in divorce

People in Texas who are getting a divorce might think about hiring an attorney, but it may not occur to them to speak to a financial planner as well. From stay-at-home spouses who have not dealt much with family finances to the spouse who manages the money, most people may benefit from a financial adviser's expertise.