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Rocker seeks to have child support payments reduced

Music fans in Texas and around the country may know Travis Barker best as a member of the pop-rock fusion band Blink-182, but the 40-year-old drummer's hectic private life has received almost as much publicity over the years as his distinctive playing style. Barker divorced in 2006 after two years of marriage, but he became romantically involved with his former wife again in 2008 before splitting for a second time the following year.

Blink-182 was riding high when Barker negotiated his divorce settlement. Its self-titled fifth album had gone platinum in 2003, and the band was widely seen as pioneers. However, the band has since gone through a tough period of break-up and reconciliation, and it has found it difficult to maintain its early commercial and critical success. Reports emerged in February 2015 indicating that Barker had filed legal papers seeking to have his child support obligations reduced.

Barker says that he was earning about $2 million each year when he agreed to pay $18,000 per month in child support, but his income has fallen by 70 percent since. The drummer is asking that his monthly obligation be reduced to $2,900. According to reports, Barker's filing also alleges that his wife spends most of the money she receives on herself and endangers the children entrusted to her care by allowing drugs and weapons into her home.

Disputes over child support often give rise to allegations of salacious behavior and neglect, but the judges called upon to make these decisions are unlikely to be swayed by accounts of misconduct unless evidence can be provided to back them up. Experienced family law attorneys may explain to their clients that child support orders are determined based upon both state guidelines and the child's best interests, but they may be modified from time to time if the situation warrants it.

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