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Woman seeking $600,000 yearly in child support from Tomlinson

Texas One Direction fans may be aware that Louis Tomlinson and the mother of his newborn son are reportedly working out their living circumstances. Sources have stated that the parents, who are not a couple, have already negotiated where the mother and child will live. The next step is to decide how much child support Tomlinson will pay.

According to reports, the woman is asking for $600,000 in yearly child support from Tomlinson and they have not come to an agreement. If the case were to go to court, the amount of support she might receive would be based on the child support regulations in California, where all 3 reside. According to California law, child support depends on a variety of factors, including the non-custodial parent's income and the child's needs.

A child's needs are not only financial. They can include care, education and medical care. Additionally, courts also often take into account the quality of life the child would enjoy if they lived with a wealthier non-custodial parent, including things that might otherwise be considered luxuries. However, Tomlinson and the woman, who welcomed their son on Jan. 22, might come to an agreement about child support amounts and the court would then review it to approve it.

Child support negotiations are a usual part of proceedings when divorces or separations involve children. Because laws vary from state to state, a parent who is going through this process in Texas might benefit from the guidance a family law lawyer might provide regarding the rights of their child and the legislation concerning child support payments and enforcement. As with all other issues involving children, the best interests of the child are central to these negotiations.

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