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Texas fathers and child support

Some single fathers in Texas are the primary caregiver for their child and may wonder if they should request that the child's mother pay them child support. In situations in which a mother earns more than the father, fathers should be able to seek child support just like similarly-situated mothers.

Many men feel social pressure to simply work harder instead of requesting support from their child's mother. They may be shamed by others in the community if they instead file a motion for child support in court. One example of such public shaming is Dakota Meyer, the man who is the father of the new baby of Bristol Palin.

Mr. Meyer, a Marine veteran, filed a petition for shared custody and requested child support. The Palins have reacted by saying that heroes don't request child support. When single mothers are the primary caregivers for their children, it is expected that they seek child support. Some states mandate that people first file for child support if they need assistance from the state.

Child support is meant to help provide children with the standard of living they might have otherwise had if they lived with both parents. People should not look at parents differently based on their genders. Instead, either parent who primarily raises the child should be able to request child support from the other parent. Children deserve to be financially supported by both of their parents rather than others having an expectation that fathers don't need the extra help. A custodial parent who is not receiving child support that is owed by the other parent may want to have the assistance of an attorney in petitioning the court for an enforcement of the order. Various methods could be available, including a wage garnishment.

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