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Sherri Shepherd goes to great lengths to avoid child support

In their divorce, Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally are fighting over child support, but Shepherd says the child is not hers. As most Texas spouses know, the parent without custody generally pays child support. These cases are often hard on everyone involved, but they become especially difficult when the parent who is expected to pay child support does not claim the child.

According to BET, Shepherd is supposed to pay Sally $4,600 a month. She has lost several bids to avoid these charges, so now she is planning to take her case all the way to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Shepherd says this baby was born from a surrogate and shares none of her DNA. She also claims that it was entirely Sally's decision to have the child, and that this decision was a ploy to financially control her for the next eighteen years.

Sally says Shepherd spent $100,000 to help create this baby. He told TMZ he does not understand why she would spend that much money only to insist the child is not hers. Shepherd hopes the new court will see her case differently as she plans to argue that her surrogacy agreement is not an admission of maternity, despite previous judges' opinions.

Child support disputes are complicated, and raising a child alone can be difficult. In order to confirm that a child's financial needs will be covered, it is important to contact a divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys might be able to help establish child support guidelines so the child's every day expenses and medical expenses will be secure. They may also be able to provide legal guidance if the payments are delinquent.

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