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Morena Baccarin ordered to pay spousal and child support

Texas fans of actress Morena Baccarin may have heard about her contentious divorce from director Austin Chick. On Nov. 19, she was ordered by a judge to pay her husband $23,042 per month in child and spousal support. The amount will be adjusted when it takes into account her health insurance payment.

The spousal support amount that was ordered is $20,349, and unless she remarries, she will be paying it to Chick for the rest of his life. The two share legal custody of their young son, and they had originally planned to co-parent him in New York. However, when it was revealed that Baccarin was dating her co-star from the TV show "Gotham" and was pregnant with his child, Chick moved to California.

Chick originally filed for divorce, and news about Baccarin's relationship with her co-star was revealed three months later. Another hearing is scheduled for the couple in June 2016.

This situation points to the importance of a prenuptial agreement for some couples. If one or both spouses is going into the marriage with a significant income or assets or if one spouse expects a sizable inheritance, a prenuptial agreement may be desirable although a prenup can be challenged in court. A person who is facing a divorce with or without a prenuptial agreement may want to contact a family law attorney. It is often a good idea to begin by compiling a list of assets, debts and income. With a clear financial picture, a divorcing spouse can then move forward with some idea of how those assets and debts may be divided and whether spousal support will be an issue.

Source: E Online, "Morena Baccarin ordered to pay estranged husband Austin Chick more than $22,000 a month in child and spousal support," Corinne Heller, Nov. 20, 2015

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