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Discovering hidden assets during property division

Property division is a key component of divorce in Texas. While dividing property in a divorce is usually a complicated process, it can become even more complicated when one spouse is not being honest about their finances. If there are suspicions of one spouse hiding assets, a there may be a need to investigate the financial records involved.

Dishonesty during the property division process often happens when one spouse was solely responsible for the finances during the marriage. The spouse who did not handle bill paying and investments may be taken advantage of because they do not know the exact value of the marital assets. To determine the true value of the marital assets, both spouses are entitled to make requests for financial information during a period of discovery.

A spouse who would like to determine exactly what marital assets should be divided in their divorce settlement should use all of the discovery tools that they have at their disposal. The spouse may request copies of financial documents and ask for answers to written questions about financial information. In cases where a spouse conducted many financial transactions online, it may be necessary to enlist the help of a digital forensic examiner.

An attorney who practices family law might be able to represent a divorcing spouse during property division and help to ensure that all of the marital assets are accounted for. An attorney may subpoena financial documents and work with a forensic accountant to uncover any hidden assets. If a divorced person finds out that their ex-spouse hid assets during property division, a lawyer might be able to aid them in challenging the property division order.

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