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Man wishes to maintain silence in civil contempt hearing

Texas couples may find interesting the story of a man who has been in a divorce proceeding since 2008 and may be facing civil contempt charges in New York. The man reportedly sold a piece of Brooklyn real estate for $776,000 and will not say what happened to the money. According to the man's estranged wife, it was marital property, and he was subsequently under a court order to deposit the money into an escrow account.

The man's wife contends that he hasn't deposited any money into the account in the past five years. She also alleges that he transferred other property for free and transferred a business to his sister. Records indicate that the man has spent 15 days in jail for violating a previous court order in the case. However, he contends that the couple was divorced in Lebanon and that she is not entitled to anything from the sale of the property.

The man's attorney says that the transfers were made during a time when there was no court order forbidding it. Furthermore, he should not be compelled to testify as it is not his obligation to prove whether or not he has the money. Although a ruling on the matter is not expected until October 2015, one of the judges has said that the man was trying to make a joke of the court system.

During a divorce, property division matters may be resolved either through a negotiated settlement or in court. In either scenario, a family law attorney might assist a spouse by determining which assets should be classified as marital property or help verify that no assets have been hidden or illegally transferred by the other spouse.

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