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Child support battle brewing for Tom Cruise

It has been reported that actress Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of actor Tom Cruise, plans to take Cruise to court in order to amend their child support agreement. Holmes already receives approximately $400,000 a year to support their 9-year-old daughter. Although splitting couples in Texas might not have the fortunes involved that this celebrity couple does, the issues between the parents are similar to many.

Holmes reportedly wants to maintain the lifestyle that her daughter experienced prior to the divorce. Cruise, the star of many popular movies, including the "Mission Impossible" series, likely possesses considerable resources. Despite the high support payments, it has been reported that Cruise has not seen his daughter in over two years. Cruise, however, has publicly acknowledged that his work schedule prevents him from visiting his daughter.

As the parent with physical custody, Holmes is expected to assert that mounting travel expenses for her daughter justify the request for more child support. She often travels between New York and Los Angeles to pursue her acting jobs. A source said that the court filings will also mention costs associated with raising her daughter, including dance, music and skating lessons. Her mother expects these activities to increase as the girl grows up.

Any parent has the option of seeking a modification of a child support order if the original amount has been insufficient to meet every day expenses. The assistance of an attorney who has experience in family law matters can often be helpful to such a parent. A parent who has become unable to meet a court-ordered support obligation because of an unforeseen change in financial circumstances may also want to obtain the help of an attorney in seeking a modification.

Source: Latin Post, "Katie Holmes Seeks to Have Tom Cruise's Child Support Increased", Glenn Minnis, Sept. 24, 2015

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