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September 2015 Archives

Child support battle brewing for Tom Cruise

It has been reported that actress Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of actor Tom Cruise, plans to take Cruise to court in order to amend their child support agreement. Holmes already receives approximately $400,000 a year to support their 9-year-old daughter. Although splitting couples in Texas might not have the fortunes involved that this celebrity couple does, the issues between the parents are similar to many.

How divorce can change a couple's finances

It is important for people who are contemplating a divorce to consider how their finances may change as a result of the split. One spouse may be ordered to pay child support if a court awards custody to the other parent, and in some cases, a spouse who earns significantly more than the other may be ordered to pay alimony. Mortgage or rent costs may go up in addition to utility bills that are no longer split. Texas is a community property state, meaning that in general, marital assets and debts are divided equally during a divorce unless the couple can otherwise agree.

Custody agreement handed down for singer Chris Brown

Texas music enthusiasts may be interested to learn that singer Chris Brown was awarded joint physical custody of his daughter on Sept. 11. The decision was handed down by the court even after the 1-year-old child's mother argued that she did not feel comfortable leaving her daughter alone with Brown.

Man wishes to maintain silence in civil contempt hearing

Texas couples may find interesting the story of a man who has been in a divorce proceeding since 2008 and may be facing civil contempt charges in New York. The man reportedly sold a piece of Brooklyn real estate for $776,000 and will not say what happened to the money. According to the man's estranged wife, it was marital property, and he was subsequently under a court order to deposit the money into an escrow account.

Therapy ordered for children caught up in ugly custody battle

Parents in Texas struggling with child custody issues might hope to avoid the drastic measures applied in another divorce battle that has grabbed national headlines. The case first hit the news when the divorced couple's three children, ages 9, 11 and 14, were sent to juvenile detention. The family court judge detained them because they had refused to see their father. Most recently, a judge sent the children to receive reunification therapy.

Managing alimony properly after a Texas divorce

After a divorce, an individual may be entitled to alimony, but it may not last forever. In some cases, it can be revoked if the person receiving support does not find a job or if he or she remarries. It is also possible that alimony will be paid in a lump sum amount, which means that there will be no financial support in the future.

School requirements may affect parenting plans

Divorced parents in Texas know that their children need to feel secure. The courts make every effort to do that when approving plans for parenting. However, these can be affected by extraneous events such as the requirements imposed by the school year. Having a parenting plan that takes this into account helps everyone.

Facebook might be evidence in a child custody case

Texas parents who are thinking about getting divorced or who are engaged in a child custody dispute may want to learn about a potentially precedent-establishing case out of New York. In the case, a man who is seeking custody of his child was granted a ruling allowing him to access and use evidence from his ex-wife's Facebook page in his case.