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Disability protection for child support and alimony payments

A Texas resident who owes child support, alimony or both may find that it can be tough to keep up with these payments during slow work seasons or times of illness. Even in cases of high-asset divorce, one's financial future could be affected by an economic downturn or by unexpected health problems. If such issues arise, keeping up with court-ordered support payments can become difficult or impossible. Disability is one situation that can lead to such changes, but there are insurance policies available to guard against this eventuality.

An individual who pays support might want to take out such a policy if they work in a profession that leaves them vulnerable to potential injuries. Even if such risks don't exist, guarding against a disabling health condition may ensure that the financial needs of one's children are met. Further, the financial problems that could crop up because of a disability could be compounded for a parent who can no longer make support payments. Arrears and legal trouble might be avoided with disability coverage that is designed to address one's remaining support obligations.

Those whose financial circumstances are most vulnerable to disability might request such coverage. However, the party receiving support might also request that the court include a requirement for this type of security in a divorce settlement. Currently, many courts already include life insurance on the paying party as an expectation to ensure that their death won't leave children or an ex-spouse struggling due to lost support.

If disability coverage becomes an issue in a divorce case, an individual may want to discuss options with their lawyer. A lawyer may be able to identify companies that provide such coverage, assisting in finding an option that will best meet their client's needs. Because such coverage may require extra out-of-pocket costs to a client, a lawyer might use this as a tool for bargaining in other areas of a divorce agreement.

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