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Actress cannot pursue child custody case in California

Texas residents may have heard that a Los Angeles judge ruled that actress Kelly Rutherford could not pursue her child custody case in California. The judge said that the children's connection to the state was tenuous at best as they have spent only two weeks in the state in the past two years. Her two children have lived with their father in Monaco since 2013 after he lost his U.S. visa and was unable to return to the country.

A judge in California then ruled that the children should stay with him as they would be able to live in one location. Rutherford reportedly splits time between New York and California. In April 2015, a federal court judge in New York denied her request to have the children returned to the United States. Rutherford is currently appealing that ruling.

Legal analysts say that the ruling means that there is no court in the United States with jurisdiction in the case, which could cause significant issues in the future. Despite the judge's decision, Rutherford is not accused of any wrongdoing and has traveled overseas to see her kids. An attorney for the children's father said that he will continue to promote a relationship between the kids and their mother.

People who want to enhance their parental rights to their children may wish to seek legal advice. With the help of an attorney who has experience in family law matters, it may be possible for a parent to obtain additional contact or increased visitation rights with his or her child.

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