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New Jersey twins have different fathers

Texas parents may be interested to learn that a New Jersey judge ordered a father to only provide support for one twin after it was determined that the twins had different fathers. Originally, the mother had asked for support for both twins, but DNA tests revealed that the man had only fathered one of the children.

While it may seem shocking that the twins were found to have different fathers, an obstetrician located in Cleveland noted that, although rare, the situation does occur. This is because a woman may release two eggs at once, and the sperm can survive inside the body for several days, which means that a woman can potentially get pregnant with twins fathered by two separate men. In fact, a 1997 medical journal that was cited in the case noted that this situation was estimated to occur once in 13,000 paternity cases.

The mother stated in court that she was involved with more than one man when the twins were conceived; however, she only named one person in her child support petition. It was not known if the woman intended to seek child support from the father of the second twin.

In many cases, the custodial parent may seek child support form the non-custodial parent. Prior to being ordered to provide child support, however, the non-custodial parent may wish to ensure that they are actually the child's parent. A family law attorney may assist the non-custodial parent with requesting a paternity test. If the paternity test reveals that the non-custodial parent is indeed related to the child, the attorney may assist with negotiating a child support agreement between their client and the other party.

Source: ABC News, "New Jersey Twins Born to Different Dads - So Judge Rules Only 1 Gets Child Support," Gillian Mohney, May 8, 2015

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