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April 2015 Archives

Angels star Josh Hamilton files for divorce in Texas

According to court documents, Los Angeles Angels baseball star Josh Hamilton recently filed a petition to divorce his wife in Tarrant County. The petition was filed in February. Prior to playing for the Angels, Hamilton had spent five seasons with the Texas Rangers.

Jail time and the failure to pay child support

A Texas noncustodial parent who fails to pay court-ordered child support has the possibility of being sent to jail. While some believe that this provides incentive for noncustodial parents to pay on time, it could keep some in a cycle of debt. This is because the government may garnish wages or seize the bank accounts of those who are behind on their payments.

Understanding some potential tax liability issues after a divorce

Texas residents may be interested in some information on one potential tax pitfall that divorcing couples might face. This generally comes up when one of the spouses is in charge of the couple's taxes and finances.

A look at issues surrounding changes in beneficiaries in divorce

Texas residents who are seeking a divorce may be interested in some information regarding the changing of beneficiaries after a divorce. Making these changes properly can be a very important step in separating at the end of a marriage.

Traveling out of state under a custody order

There are many reasons for Texas families to travel out of state or to consider moving permanently. However, a child custody situation could affect the ability of a parent to travel out of state with their child. It is important to note that the conditions of the travel as well as the conditions of the custody order typically determine the restrictions or freedom to take a child out of state.

Child support garnishments for independent contractors

Texas residents are likely aware that paychecks can be garnished for unpaid child support, but they may not know that people sometimes try to get around these deductions by seeking a job that allows them to work as an independent contractor. Employers in Texas say that employees often quit when child support starts to be deducted from their paychecks, and many of these workers then seek out positions where they can avoid the garnishment by being paid off the books or classified as an independent contractor.

Child supports payments greatly benefit Texas kids

Statistics show that child support payments make a critical difference in the welfare of children in Texas and across the country. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, these payments make up 39 percent of a single mother's household income and reduce their poverty rate by 25 percent. The problem is that millions of noncustodial parents are not paying their fair share.

Why keeping track of alimony payments is important

In cases where alimony payments have been ordered by a Texas court as part of a divorce decree, both parties need to keep meticulous records concerning payment. This allows both parties to protect themselves from tax liability issues, as spousal support is deductible for tax purposes by the party who pays it and is taxable income to the recipient. Additionally, both sides can defend themselves from further legal action by keeping thorough records.