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March 2015 Archives

Texas child support collection from Social Security benefits

Texas parents who have not received the full child support ordered by the court may have another option for recouping their losses from the noncustodial parent. Some forms of Social Security benefits may be garnished in certain circumstances to assist with reclaiming unpaid child support, depending upon the type of Social Security received and the overall financial status of the noncustodial parent.

Examining the effect of domestic abuse on child custody issues

Fort Worth parents who are going through a divorce may be interested in some information on child custody issues when there was domestic abuse involved. While a court has the final say, a recent history of abuse often prevents contact between the abusive parent and their child.

Dealing with pets in a divorce

Many Texas pet owners would be devastated if they were to be separated from their companion animals, and some divorcing spouses use this kind of emotional attachment as leverage during negotiations over property division. Disputes over dogs, cats or other pets are becoming more common in divorce cases, and many family law attorneys are now incorporating clauses about pet visitation and custody in prenuptial agreements.

Separating insurance policies in a Texas divorce

Insurance can be one of the last things people think about when getting a divorce, but both spouses should review all of their insurance policies and make any necessary changes to them. When a divorce involves children, the divorce agreement may state that the non-custodial parent must provide health insurance for the children. The agreement could also require that one spouse set money aside to cover the other's health insurance premiums.

Understanding paternity in Texas

Families in Texas might benefit from understanding more about potential paternity issues for many noncustodial parents. Unmarried parents may have paternity established by petitioning through court or signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity. According to state law, paternity may not be established just because the father's name is included on the birth certificate. The attorney general advises parents to be aware of the potential ramifications that may result from signing any documents that could be considered to be legally binding.

Works produced by artist part of marital assets in divorce

Texas artists who are divorcing may not realize that their artwork may also be considered part of the community property of their marriages. While payments agreed upon or artwork produced prior to marriage or after separation are not included as part of marital property, all other artwork may be. This applies to filmmakers and writers as well as visual artists and may apply to other people who produce creative work as well.

Grandparents' rights to visitation in Texas

Texas grandparents can file for visitation rights to their grandchildren in a few different circumstances. If the parents are divorced, a parent is dead or the parents are incarcerated or declared incompetent, grandparents can file for visitation. If the child has been neglected or abused by the parent or the parent-child relationship has been ended by court order, this may also be grounds for grandparents' visitation. However, if someone has adopted the child who is not the child's stepparent, grandparents do not have visitation rights.

Billionaire divorce filings reveal lavish child support requests

The $1 million a month in child support expenses claimed by the wife of billionaire Ken Griffin, a well-known hedge fund manager, may seem extraordinary to many Texas readers. Divorce filings from Griffin responding to her financial requests claim that she is using the money to fulfill the needs of their three young children.