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December 2014 Archives

Modifying a child custody or support order

Texas parents who have gone through a divorce may be interested in some information on the process for changing an existing child custody or support order. Depending on the reason for the change and the agreement of the parties, the circumstances of the modification may be different.

A look at the requirements for spousal support orders in Texas

Fort Worth residents who are looking toward a divorce may be interested in the law surrounding spousal support payments. These payments are subject to several qualifications before they can be ordered by a court.

Factors influencing possession orders for young children

Family court judges in Texas often have special concerns about young children involved in divorces. Concerns about children's development and their abilities to bond with both of their parents lead judges to consider a variety of factors when determining possession orders.

The best interests of the child in child custody

When a Texas court deliberates on a child custody issue, the most important factors considered are the well-being and best interests of the child. Texas law follows a variety of guidelines when examining a case. These statutes guide the court in determining what factors are involved in determining best interests.

How inheritances may be divided in a divorce

Individuals in Texas who are divorcing and negotiating property division may also have to deal with inheritances received by one or both spouses. While inheritances technically belong to the person to whom the inheritance was directed, commingling these assets can cause complications.

Child custody when a child is moved in Texas

In Texas, it may be possible for a custodial parent to move out of state with his or her child. However, the other parent may need to provide consent before the move is made. Additionally, both parents may need to agree to a revised visitation schedule, which may need to be approved by a judge. Courts will consider a variety of factors before deciding whether to allow the move if the noncustodial parent objects.

Helping you to secure temporary orders during a divorce

Many people in Texas do not understand the importance of putting temporary orders in place during a divorce. While a divorce is still pending, temporary orders help to ensure that a stable environment is maintained for the whole family while issues are being resolved.