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Resolving shared parenting issues in child custody cases

Texas law believes that if, as a parent, you are facing divorce, maintaining your children's best interest is vital. This means that your situation may have built-in terms regarding child custody so that both parents are allotted sufficient opportunity to parent. The goal of state law and our office is that children benefit from the best relationship possible with both parents.

In our state, joint child custody is discussed as physical custody and legal custody, and usually these are shared between the two parents. The first refers to where a child or children will reside, and the conditions of physical custody are unique to each family's circumstances. For instance, if your work hours are out of the normal weekday schedule and your available quality time for your children is Monday through Wednesday evenings, then accommodations may be made to your physical custody time. If your situation changes, you could also petition the courts to allow child custody modifications.

The other type of custody, which gives you as a parent the power to make choices regarding where your child will attend school, where he or she receives medical care and if they are raised to follow a certain religious conviction, is termed legal custody. Our office does its best to look after the best interests of the children and help you negotiate arrangements and compromises to the betterment of everyone concerned.

Child custody issues can become sticky situations, but our law office works hard to make things easier. It is our goal as a firm to help you and your ex to reach amicable child custody settlements, but if necessary we will represent your side in court. We welcome you to read our blog for more information regarding child custody issues, and we offer consultations to answer any questions you may have.

Source: Mark Childress, PC, "Joint Custody", September 09, 2014

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