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Is it time to file for divorce?

A happy marriage is one in which both spouses openly and honestly communicate with one another, enjoy spending quality time together, have empathy and love for one another and feel affection and physical attraction towards one another. While all marriages go through high and low points, spouses who feel loved, appreciated and close to a partner should be able to weather these highs and lows together.

So what if the description mentioned above doesn't describe your marriage? A happy and mutually-fulfilling marriage can be difficult for any couple to sustain. Life can be hectic and it's easy for a married couple to become consumed by work and children, which leaves very little time to focus on a marriage and relationship with a spouse. While many spouses go through periods where they feel unhappy and dissatisfied with the state of a marriage, it can be difficult to know when it's time to finally call it quits.

Has a spouse been unfaithful? Does a spouse have a drinking or drug problem? Are you only staying together because of the children? Do you avoid spending time together? Individuals who answered yes to one or more of these questions would be wise to seriously consider ending a marriage.

Infidelity is regarded by many married individuals to be the ultimate act of betrayal. Infidelity has no place in a happy marriage and spouses who are unfaithful are often looking for a way out of an unhappy marriage. Individuals who discover a spouse has been unfaithful would be wise to consult with a divorce attorney.

Likewise, in cases where an individual openly or secretly admits to only staying in a marriage because of shared children, it's likely time to call it quits. Parents who no longer want to or enjoy spending time together yet remain married, are distorting their children's view of what a marriage is and should be. Furthermore, children are highly intuitive and pick up on negative energy which can be harmful to a child's psyche and self-esteem.

Making the decision to divorce can be difficult and emotional. We all, however, only have one life to live and everyone deserves to be happy. Individuals who are contemplating filing for divorce may choose to consult with a divorce attorney who can provide guidance on how to prepare for the divorce process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Is It Time to Get a Divorce?," Honoree Corder, June 17, 2014

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