Joint Custody

At the Law Office of Mark M. Childress, PLLC., we approach every child custody matter with one goal in mind: to arrive at a solution that is in the best interest of the children and of our client. In almost all cases, this will involve both parents being involved in the child's life and having joint custody. This is not just our view; it is the view of Texas family courts as well.

The key to making any joint custody arrangement successful and long-lasting is to put in the time on the front end to understand the needs of everyone involved. This is a strong suit of our attorney, as he is committed to providing our clients with the attentive service they deserve.

What Is Joint Custody?

There are two components to joint custody: joint legal custody and joint physical custody. Joint legal custody empowers both parents to make decisions about how their child is raised and cared for. This includes decisions about education, health care and religion.

Joint physical custody refers to where the child lives. Joint custody does not necessarily mean that the child will live with each parent 50 percent of the time. Arrangements can and will be made to fit the needs of all parties, but most importantly the children.

Making Shared Custody Work For You And Your Child

We pursue outcomes through negotiation and, where necessary, litigation that take the desires of our clients and the best interests of their children into consideration. This includes making sure that arrangements are made to account for holidays, school breaks, extracurricular activities and other factors.

We also represent many parents who do not work a "normal" schedule. If you are a police officer, firefighter, service member or work in another profession that is not "9 to 5," you can rely on us to protect your parental rights and find a creative parenting plan that works for you.

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