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Make sure important documents are in the suitcase when you travel

When you divorced your spouse in Texas, you didn't divorce your children. Parenting continues, albeit, you might face several challenges regarding lifestyle changes as time goes on. One of the most common areas where problems seem to arise after divorce has to do with travel. Are you allowed to travel with your children? Yes. Can you simply pickup whenever you like and head to another state or country with your children in tow? It isn't likely.

Temporary orders and what they mean for your Texas divorce

A divorce is a permanent, final way to settle issues between a couple when a marriage is over, but what happens in the interim? The period between the initial separation date and the signing of the final divorce papers can be lengthy, and temporary orders help Texas families deal with vital matters for this period of transition and waiting. 

Don't let your parental rights float away in the tide

Many parents in Texas are looking forward to summer vacation. Perhaps you're among those who have already started making plans for a trip to the beach with your children. If you recently divorced, this year's trip may be a bit different from those you enjoyed in previous years. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't be wonderful, only that your plans may have to align with certain child custody regulations.

Assets can be complex, but life after divorce doesn't have to be

Many individuals work hard to obtain a vast amount of property and assets throughout the course of their lives. You might have invested a sizable portion of your wealth into a pension or trust, seeking to prepare for what the future may hold. However, perhaps you are currently in the middle of a divorce, and wish to know the potential impact this stressful event might have on your financial future.

Split retirement funds with qualified domestic relations order

One of the biggest reasons that people in the state of Texas work their entire lives is to make sure that they can retire comfortably. When two people are married, they often share this goal. However, their retirement dreams will change drastically if they decide to get a divorce. A qualified domestic relations order, also known as a QDRO, is an important part of the divorce process when a divorcing couple needs to divide retirement savings.